Our Reddie Signage Portal is your gateway for creating, managing and updating your digital display content. We have extensive industry experience that runs the gamut from small sole traders and mom and pop shops to multi operational quick service and fast casual restaurants.


Once you’ve been assigned a username and password, you are set to login to the Reddie Portal. You are now able to begin creating playlists, uploading content and managing your digital display remotely. Our Content Management System does not require downloads to your device(s) and keeps you connected from anywhere in the world once you have access to the internet.


We believe this to be the cornerstone of any business and we pride ourselves on the know-how of our staff and their ability to offer top tier lifetime support to our clients. Our FAQs and video tutorials address what we believe are the major pain points of our customers but if your query is not registered there, please feel free to reach out to a member of our support team.

Rapid Publishing

Easy Update in Seconds

With Rapid Publishing, updating your display is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Content can be sent from your PC or laptop in a matter of minutes. First,

1. Login and choose the orientation of your screen (portrait or landscape)
2. Drag and drop your media files
3. Choose the displays you want to update and then click publish

Multi Zone Layout

How to use your media to create layouts for your display

The multizone layout allows users to create content in either portrait or landscape orientation. It has different zones that allows for the input of images, RSS feeds, videos, text and even live web pages. You can upload your own background image – which ensures your content is always on brand and add special zones that display date and time or even live television.

Supported Media Files
Images - JPG, GIF, PNG
Video - AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV
Audio - MP3
Additional - PDF, Word Documents (DOC, DOCX), PowerPoint Presentations (PPT, PPTX), Excel Speadsheets (XLS, XLSX), HTML5

Custom Background/Fonts

Experience the ease of customization

Being able to keep your brand’s pantone consistent has never been easier. Select colors from the palette or enter your very own HEX code to modify backgrounds, static and scrolling text as well as time and date

Schedule Playlist

Display Your Content on Your Terms

Once a Playlist has been created, the user has the flexibility to publish immediately or to set a future date and time for the content to be displayed. This allows you to set your display to show a breakfast menu during morning hours and lunch/dinner menus at the corresponding times. Content can be programmed as far ahead as you want.

Multi Screen Synchronisation

Add Slick Synchronisation for 'Wow' Moments

If you run a business with multiple screens that are connected to the same network, multi- screen synchronization makes keeping your content consistent a cinch. There are two ways of synchronizing. You can have one large image or video across multiple players at one time or have the same content play and transition simultaneously.

Scrolling Text Zones/RSS

Deliver your messages with a scrolling ticker

Communicate directly with your clientele by delivering your own customizable scrolling ticker messages. This feature gives you the autonomy to change the direction, speed, colour and size of your text in addition to the colour and transparency of your background. You are also able to deliver live RSS news feed of the most current or happening events.

Remote Commands

Allows for Control from Anywhere in the World

The Reddie Portal puts the power into the hands of our users by giving them the freedom to update screens when they’re away, as well to take control of the displays themselves. In this way, you are able to reboot your screen, stop and start content playback, adjust the volume and format the internal memory.

User Management

Create and Manage User Privileges

This feature gives owners the leverage to assign different roles and privileges to system users. It allows you to set the level of access assigned to each tier of user. For example, administrative access would differ from marketing access in terms of what they have access to and the function each user is able to perform.


Generate current reports on players, users and screens.

The Reddie Portal keeps a record of every action performed on the CMS on both the front and back ends. Meaning, users and screens or players. Our system allows you to view the last time a system was updated and even what user updated it. Reports can be exported as excel spreadsheets for ease of reference.

Display Live Webpages

Add websites to layouts

The need to stay in the loop and be informed is more in demand now than it has ever been before. Your layout may be configured to display social media feeds, your company website or an RSS feed that can be refreshed to stay current. You even have the option of displaying multiple webpages within the same zone.

Display Live Input

Add Live HDMI or VGA Feed to Your Layout

This feature allows for the display of live feed from an external source with the use of a compatible media player. For displaying live tv or feed from a security camera, you can connect a set- top box to your player via HDMI or VGA which is then connected to the screen.


Creating content for your Touch Screen

Nothing is more fulfilling than watching your content come to life! You can create, deploy and interact with your very own content for touch screens or, you can have your touch screen content created by our award winning Reddie Ads division. Publish pages full of attention grabbing interactive content or launch Android apps from within your playlist. Touch content is also deployable from anywhere in the world via our CMS.